Why this Blog?

Being passionate about Enterprise IT Architecture, I wanted to write something about it as well as share my experience from work. Hence this blog. If you are as old as I am, you might remember C++ Report. It pushed the envelope for C++ and I still have a complete-ish collection of the magazine stashed away somewhere in my house. Well, I decided to name this blog IT Architecture Report because I hope to push the technology envelope and to honour C++ Report.

Here are the ground rules: apart from the ‘Who I am’ section below, I shall not name any individuals or companies, without their explicit permission, in this blog for professional and ethical reasons; I shall simply refer to them as company X, client Y or Mr. Z.

Who I am

I have been working in the IT industry for the past 15 years, having worked my way up from a Developer to a Lead Architect. (Previous to that, I was an Electronics Engineer in the Aerospace industry for 10 years, but that’s another story!) For most of those 15 years, I specialised in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and SOA since their pioneer years in UK. I joined EDS, an HP company, in 2007 as an IT Architect. My engagement at EDS has been varied: I was an Assistant CTO on the ABN Amro Account (the third largest global account at EDS, where I was mentored by Gerry Stoloff) for 18 months, provided Sales Support for the past 9 months, and I am currently the Lead IE (Integration Engineering) Architect for a global account in the Financial Services industry that has a TCV of $900 million.

My profile is on LinkedIn.

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